Me holding Rubellos, the 1st prize  million dollar winner in South Africa 2012 at the auction after the race.
Ken, Kendall & Alfons Klaas
Alfons Klaas
Alfons and Helmut Klaas
Stock loft at Klaas
Stock loft at Klaas
Lofts of Klaas
Trophy Case at Klaas
200 mother of Konbird and full sister Birdy.
More trophies
widowhood lofts at klaas
Alfons holding the German Ace Pigeon of the FG during our visit at his home in Germany.
Wing of the 200 mother to Konbird and full sister Birdy and Ruby.
Klaas lofts
Me and Alfons at the Million dollar lofts in South Africa.
De Weerd, an authority on Racing Pigeons handling Rubellos in South Africa after the race 2012.
Gerard Koopman, a top racing fancier from the Netherlands holding Rubellos winner 1st SAMDPR 2012 after the race.
Heine Bijker's Loft in Holland
More plaques
Heine Bijker in Netherlands
Heine Bijker, Kendall, Anna & Ken
Van Wildermeersch Lofts in Belgium
My son Kendall standing in front of some of the plaques and trophies at Franz Van Wildermeersch and Frieda Vynke lofts in Belgium
Holding a Belgian Champion in Belgium at the lofts of Franz Van Wildermeesch and Frieda Vynke
Holding a son of Wittebuck bred by Battenberg
Trophies at the lofts of Peter Allemeesche
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