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Mother to 'Ninety Nine', 35th final race Million Dollar Race 2014, 3478 birds. 7th Grand Averages 5808 birds. Grand-Dam 1st Prize Triple Crown 300 miles final, 56 minute lead over second drop! Also
California State Race winner. G'dam 19th final SANDPR 2016. 

Won by Mukiwa, bred and flown by Ken Easley & Son Racing SAMDPR 2016. Sire Mighty Mouse - son of Konbird & Blue Power.

Sire & Dam of 1st Hot Spot Ace Winner 2016 SAMDPR. 2nd Knockout winner. 3rd CC Grand Averages. 
Bred Mukiwa on 1st drop all 5 car races. Prizes include;
3rd, 11th, 17th, 20th, 83rd, 111th, & 138th.
Konbird - 
son of 864 and 200 -full sister Birdy.
Foundation cock for Ken Easley & Son Racing. Sire, Grandsire and GGsire of many champions.

Dibaba - named after the fastest woman runner in the world.
Daughter of 16 and 210 full sister Birdy. Dibaba is a full sister of 4th grand averages MDPR and 16th on the final race.
These two were high up in the grand averages also. The 4th and 7th Grand Aces are from full sisters of Birdy. One owned by Ken Easley and the other owned by Alfons Klaas. Only 53 day birds and Birdy blood had two of them.
These are the two final race winners out of two full sisters of Birdy. 411 miles 3478 birds from the best in the world. Only 53 day birds.
The father of the winner for Alfons is also out of 16, sire to my Blue Power, the Surprise hen and Dibaba who is a full sister to the winner.

Ken Easley & Son Racing Pigeons
Mark - Brother Konbird and son of the 200 sister to Ruby & Birdy.
Also brother of our 1383 cock.
Starlett, from Sister of Birdy. 
Super young racing hen.
Ruby - Van Beers.
Dam 7th Grand Ace MDPR 5808 birds & 35th prize final race 3478 birds 411 miles. Also dam of Blitz - 285th final MDPR. Dam of Kon Kon sire of 1st prize Triple Crown 300 with 56 min. lead over 2nd drop. Dam of Konrad sire of e1st California State Race 2014.
Sister Birdy
# 200 Bred by Sudhoff Van Beers of Germany.
Dam to Mark, National German Champion young cock.
Dam to Konbird, super breeder.
1/2 Brother of Konbird
Daughter Birdy. Graded as top producer. Owned by Ken Easley
The 2016 South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race brought attention to a new superstar in the flying arena, a youngster from the loft of Ken Easley & Son named Mukiwa. Mukiwa is the son of Mighty Mouse, another super producing son of Konbird & Blue Power.
Mukiwa accomplished an astonishing feat by landing on the 1st drop of each car race always minutes or seconds from 1st and winning 1st Hot Spot Ace Pigeon from 4550 pigeons. He was also 2nd Knockout Winner of the entire race. Also 3rd Grand Averages in the Country Challenge.
1st Country Challenge HSCR 5. He also won 3rd Country Challenge winner in HSCR 4. He placed in the money on 3 car races at 3rd, 11th, & 20th. His full younger sibling placed 17th on the same car race that Mukiwa placed 20th having two on the first drop and in the money on the 4th car race. He finished 83rd on the final race and 16 Grand Averages USA and 24th grand averages overall. A remarkable performance showing once again that genetics matter. As stated by Ken many times, "Results are everything" and "the blood doesn't lie".
Additional note; the 19th place on the final race was a grand daughter of Konbird & Ruby bred by Bud Roan from the 888 bred by Ken Easley & Son.