All Breeding pigeons DNA on file at Animal Genetics. Youngsters DNA certified correct.

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The birds are the Stars and they do all the work. We do our best to make sure they have everything they need to succeed.

1st Prize 400 miles Big Andy's 2023
1st Black Jacket USA 24 Int. AfrikaPro 2022
1st Ace pigeon Big Andys International 2021
e1st prize 416 miles 3rd Sooner Challenge 2023
e1st prize 416 miles 10th Sooner Challenge 2023
e1st Prize 416 miles Sooner Challenge 2022
e1st prize 325 miles Sooner Challenge 2023
1st Knockout champ South Africa Million Dollar 2019
5 prize final Race SAMDPR 2019
1st HSCR Ace pigeon SAMDPR 2017
1st Knockout champ 2016 SAMDPR USA 2nd overall
1st Country Challenge winner 2016
6th prize final Victoria Falls 2017
e1st prize 7th Hoosier Million Dollar final race 2017
1st prize Canadian International 325 miles