Konbird sire of;
Sire of 1st Ace Pigeon Mexico Derby and 1st final 450 miles 2020.
Little Bird - dam of 6th prize 600 km 1555 birds Victoria Falls 2021
Best pigeon Flying D 2019
 4th prize 400 miles Flying D 2019
1st prize 100 miles Flying D OLR
e1st - 3rd prize 205 miles Flying D 2019
e1st - 6th 150 miles Flying D OLR 2019
Konbird sire of Million Dollar Kid, sire of 
e1st - 5th HSCR 5 SAMDPR 2017.
e1st - 5th 353 miles Silvercreek Quad 2017.
e1st - 2nd 250 miles Silvercreek Quad 2017.
e1st - 267 miles 6 seconds Apple Cup 2017.
e1st - 267 miles 15 seconds Apple Cup 2017
2nd USA Final 505 km Portugal Golden Race 2016 
2nd Grand AV. USA Portugal Golden Race 2016.
Konbird is sire of Mighty Mouse AU 15 EASLEY 418, Sire of:
1st HSCR Average Speed Champion 2016 SAMDPR.    4550 birds. 2nd Knockout Winner 4550 birds. 24th Grand Averages International. 7th Grand Averages USA 802 birds.
3rd Country Challenge Grand Averages winner.
3rd, 11th, 17th, 20th, 111, 138 prizes in Car Races.
1st Country Challenge winner HSCR 5.
83rd prize final race 336 miles 2162 birds.
seconds from 1st in all 5 car races.
2nd prize 300 miles Hoosier 2019.
11th prize 400 miles Hoosier 2019.
Konbird sire of Rubikon- G'sire of  
1st Prize 400 mi. GHC 2016.
Konbird sire of Triple X sire of;
e1st 100 mi. triple Crown 2016.
e1st 200 mi. Triple Crown 2016.
15th 363 mi .Iron Eagle 2016.
Konbird is sire of 888 G'Dam of:
19th prize final Race MDPR 2016.
Konbird is sire of Konrad AU 12 EASLEY-834 BBC
sire of e1st prize 300 miles California State Race 2014
Konbird is Sire of Easy Money AU 12 EASLEY 3594 BCC
Sire of Mach 1, American Racing Pigeon Union 
1st National Ace Pigeon
Mach 1 had 5 x 1st prize from 100 to 300 miles in the club, combine and Heartland Federation. 
1st State Champion.
e1st 350 miles Hoosier Classic 2017.
Easley 3594 also bred; 
1st 350 miles EWOC 2016.
1st 350 miles Fall Classic 2012.
1st 350 miles Heartland Fall Classic 2013
8th 350 miles Heartland Fall Classic 2012
e1st & 8th to trap 370 miles Sierra Ranch Classic.
Konbird is Sire of Baby Birdy Easley-3566, sire of:
e1st 300 Miles Americas International Challenge
e1st 350 m iles Americas International Challenge
Konbird sire of Thunderbird - Easley 3565, sire of:
1st Plymouth Peak 300 miles.
1st Texas Twister 250 miles.
Konbird sire of KonKon - Easley - 898, sire of:
1st 300 miles Triple Crown Classic 2013 56 minute lead ahead of second drop.
Konbird sire of Black Mamba who bred;
1st Canadian International 300 miles 2013.
1st Empire Classic 250 miles 2014.
Konbird is sire to Fighter Easley-3596 who bred;
e1st 350 miles North Florida OLR 2012, 8th to trap.
Konbird is Grandsire of Sophia, dam of;
1st Prize 350 miles Fall Classic 2014. 
Konbird is Grandsire of Tiger 12 who is sire of;
e1st drop 225 miles AIC - October 2014.
e1st Drop 300 miles AIC - November 2014.
Konbird is Grandsire to Boots 180 who is sire of;
14th prize 350 miles AIC - November 2014.
Konbird is Sire of Triple X who bred:10th Prize 350 miles 
1st prize - 500 miles NMRPC 2020 - son of Mach 1.
Konbird carries the genetics of World Class toppers in some of the most prestigious competitions in the world. Konbird is 1/2 brother to Mark, (same mother) the German National Champion young birds.
Keep in mind Germany has 44,000 lofts competing.

His mother is a full sister to Birdy and bred by Sudhoff Van Beers. Birdy has the best race record ever in the Million dollar race in Africa. This is a race in which the top lofts of the world compete for what is considered by many the greatest pigeon race in the world. She won 1st Hot Spot Ace, 1st Car Race Averages, 1st Grand Averages, top 10 positions in three car races and 10th on the final race showing that she is world class at all distance and a solid world class topper.

The sire of Konbird is 864. This cock is a direct son of Der Scheck 180 and Diana 660 of Alfons Klaas (mother of Konstantin 1st prize final MDPR 2007) 864 is the grandfather of Victor 1st place final Million dollar race 2011. He is also brother to Konstantin who was also 1st place in the million dollar race.

He is also cousin to the father of the 1st place Carnival City winner by 47 minutes.
Also a brother to the father of the Derby Arona Tenerife Race by 3.5 hours. Konbird is a 2010 bred bird and was bred only in 2011 with Blue Power. Three sons were bred. All three bred 1st or e1st place winners in one loft races the next year on 350 mile races.

The hen was sent to the Million dollar race where it won 37th overall ace on the car race averages and 9th Grand Averages.
Konbird and Blue Power bred Mukiwa who sired the 1st HSCR Ace Champion in the SAMDPR 2016 with e1st in all car races always just seconds from 1st and a top finish in the final race winning 2nd Knockout winner, 3rd CC grand Averages overall, 1st CC Grand Ave in the 5th hot spot car race. ​ Two full siblings won in only races, no trainers were counted, 3rd, 5th, 11th, 17th, 20th, 83rd, 111th, 138th, prizes. No other pigeon has ever performed so well as this except Birdy, sister of Konbirds mother. Even Birdy didn't perform as well as Mukiwa in the car races. If you average the overall prizes in races only Mukiwa was better.

Konbird was bred one round with sister world Ace. The cock was sent to Dennis Medina of Florida. It bred the e1st place 350 miles on the North Florida One Loft Race the first year in 2012.
Youngsters were bred from Species the next year and a cock went to Van Kruger in Canada. He bred 1st Canadian International 325 miles the first year & 1st 250 miles Empire Classic the next year. 

The next year he was bred with Ruby 2012. In 2013 that son number AU 12 EASLEY-898 and named KonKon went to John Karnofel and immediately bred number 365, The 365 won 1st place on the 300 mile race at the Triple Crown with a 56 minute lead over the 2nd drop with Only 11 day birds on a tough headwind race. The full brother also obtained by John bred the 38th place on the same race. This lead to enough points for John to win the prestigious Breeders cup. This is a points race but the 365 was the top average speed pigeon of the series when the three race series results are tallied.

The full brother Konrad, also out of Konbird & Ruby bred e1st California State Race the next year. (2014)

One of the first three sons mentioned earlier was 3594. We call him EZ Money. He bred the National Ace of the USA for Money loft with 5 x 1st 100-300 miles. He also bred several 1st prize 350 mile one loft race winners mentioned above.

I know his legacy will continue and I am very thankful that my son and I brought him back to his birth loft to help our program. Konbird's 1/2 brother is Three Deuces. Three deuces currently bred the 29th Grand Average Ace Pigeon in the Million dollar race out of 5802 pigeons from around the world.

He was mated to Blue Powers Full sister, the Surprise hen. This is no accident these pigeons are producing like this. I began my studies of this line of pigeons in 2007 and purchased my first in 2007. In 2010 my son and I went in person and hand picked 26 youngsters from the nest including Konbird. 

​while it is true they are just pigeons and all are not good, there is a visible and proven ability in the genetic package to produce pigeons that break away and rise to the top at 300-350 miles in stiff competition. Several unique individuals have finished with substantial leads over the next racer.

This is the sole reason we chose them as our base stock.
​I had a feeling about the 864 line because my first Klaas import was his sister in 2007. I only sent one youngster from her out to a race. It was the Vegas race. She was 2nd overall ace and equal 1st on the 250, 2nd to trap and then e1st on the 300 and 5th to trap. She is now a stock bird at Nanez lofts and has also produced winners. Her name is Corolla.

​The beautiful thing about Konbird is he and his children continue to win for different people in different One Loft races around the country making it difficult for some to answer the one burning question….How is it possible?

There is only one possible answer.
World class genetics 

Testimonial children of Konbird x Species

Hi Ken

I have given "Mamba" (son of Konbird) the Can Int. Winner to a friend of mine, Dr. Leon Van Rensburg. He is a fancier who has travelled to all the lofts in Holland and Belgium. He knows all the flyers of name. He has also written books on pigeon racing. He immigrated, and got a number of his birds from Etienne de Vos, who like Jules Galles, visited him in South Africa. 
He was so ecstatic about Mamba when he handled him. He is 65 years old and flew pigeons since he was a young boy. He said this grandson of Konbird was one of the best cocks he ever handled in his life. I gave the cock to him. It gave me great joy to see a top fancier so impressed with your birds, Ken. 

Kind regards

Johan Van Kruger

Testimonial, children of Konbird x Ruby

A few weeks ago I had a visit from a pigeon flyer that iis the best old bird flyer I know. Walter is a Polish immigrant and has a real passion for his birds. He is year after year the best overall old bird loft in our combine. Just last year he flew a cock to the best overall race record in Canada. We fly a tough headwind course and when the days get dirty and the distance gets long, Walters birds shine. 
For the past 15 years Walter has not brought any new blood into his loft. He has searched for birds that he thought would compliment his breeders without success. Imports from Europe and Local flyers have all fallen short of his expectations. Recently Walter handled my "Rubikon" son of Konbird and Ruby. Walters eyes light up as he says "finally a bird that will match to mine" and "this is a bird that can fly any distance with the right preparation"
Walter asked me to breed "Rubikon" to his best hen so he could blend their children back into his colony of great pigeons
You don't know Walter but I can tell you this is a very big compliment from one of the toughest pigeon men I know.

Bill Weima
Silvercreek Lofts

Testimonial​, children Konbird x Ruby


 I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the sharing your great birds with me over the past two years. Without question they have made a huge impact on my loft results and quality of birds to say the least.

 In addition having excellent birds, I admire your high integrity in your all dealings in the sport, and in life.
After studying your pedigrees and the way you mate your birds in my view you are certainly one of the very best in genetics and the know how to pair your pigeons properly. You have been blessed with a 6th sense when it comes to selection and breeding pigeons. Been in the sport for over 40 years and know a little, I guess.

The birds I have received from you have all been outstanding in every way. Every time you send me a bird I feel the loft goes to a higher level of quality over-all with the new addition.
The Klass birds from you are certainly impact birds. As the great ones would say,

"THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN RESULTS". Sending very few to the money races this year you know what happened, first place by 56 minutes in the prestigious Triple Crown Classic 300 mile race off a son of Konbird & Ruby, and winning the Breeders Cup Race, which is based best on the most points of three birds in the race. Two of the birds that scored points were from your Klass stock. How does it get any better?
  Best of luck to you always Ken and Thank you again,

John Karnofel

The 604, I've held that bird and observed it, very calm bird very special bird. I been around lots of birds but this one has an ora like none that I've seen before. This bird is perfect in every way shape and form you don't come across birds like this very often. 604 is a modern day legend and will be in the history books and archives along with Mr Aristona, De Hekkenklak and so forth. Legendary bird Ken.

Sky Lab

Hallo Ken,

I will give you information from 948 fullbrother to your ace.
This day 8 position in the loft race in ostsee-rennen. Final race 342 km the firstpigeon need over 5 hours. 967 p. with head wind

Is the biggest in Germany



Hi MR. KEN, RECORDS KEEP COMING, MY FIGHTER IS THE GR/GR/SIRE TO JENXXX AU 14 SPR 784 1st @ 325 e1st @ 250 8th @ 325 1st long distance average speed of the series in 2014, winners cup usa. GR/GR/SIRE TO Au 14 SPR 0761 22th @ 298 miles 28th @ 248 at FALL CLASSIC, MN 2014 Another brother AU 14 UNIT 103 finish 5th place champion bird overall of the combine (OB) in 2015.

Denis Medina
DV 10-00507-949
Ken Easley & Son
From Brother Konstantin 1st MDPR 2007 
& full sister Birdy 1st Knockout winner MDPR, 1st Grand Averages, 1st Car Race Averages, 10th Final.
Konbird is brother to Mark 1st Ace young birds Nationals - Germany. His nest Mate is Mr. Bond who bred 1st German one loft winner at Ostsee Rennen 2014. Konbird is also uncle to Victor winner 1st prize MDPR 2011.

New  - we get these notes every year from friends flying Konbird bloodlines. I only to publish a few here.

A note from Tim Evans on his 2016 young bird results.I switched from a smaller club where I won young bird champion two years straight to a large club with 71 flyers and over 1250 birds racing. I won 1st Average speed & 1st Champion loft . Won 2nd champion bird  in the federation.This is a tough course where most lofts lost record amount of birds.Ken Easley bred the parents of 7 of of my top 9 birds, specifically 899 who is out of Konbird x Ruby mated to 855 who is Pretty Boy Floyd x Tina and 135 who is 3 Deuces (1/2 brother Konbird) x Surprise Hen (full sister Blue Power) x 870 which Kendall x Bamiski.
Thanks Again Ken.

From John Karnofel who owns two sons of Konbird x Ruby and one daughter.
KON-KON/mated to one of the two sisters SPW-957 and ARPU-87485. These two sisters are
Are out of GB-10-L-40515 and the L.A. hen-1730 (LINE BRED 699)
1ST San Diego Triple Crown Classic Race in 2013, KFL-365, 334 birds in the final race. Winning over $36,000
1st Breeders Cup Triple Crown Classic Race 2013, over 100 lofts, combination of best 3 birds, won $36,000
Grandfather to 1st 100 mile race Triple Crown Classic-KFL-460, 418 birds, 340 Lofts, TCC he is the mother.
Daughter- 1st drop 2015 200 mile race Triple Crown Classic 2015-JEEDS-5538
Daughter 1st drop 2015 200 mile race Triple Crown Classic 2015-JEDDS-5531
Granddaughter-(TCC) 1st drop 2015 150 mile race San Diego Holiday Classic-JEDDS-5533, 137 lofts, 473 birds
Granddaughter-(TCC) 1st drop 2015 200 mile race San Diego Holiday Classic-JEDDS-5533, 137 lofts, 437 birds.
Grandfather to 1st drop California State Race 2015, mother was the TCC hen is the mother-JEDDS-5548
Breeders’ Cup Classic in San Diego Triple Crown race 2015-Tied 3rd place over-all winner, over 100 different lofts entered the Breeders Cup Classic. 
TCC-Triple Crown winner 2013

I’m really pumped right now I just got a pair of Day birds from 500 miles about 10 minutes ago. Ken my first bird in is out of Mach 1 and another 500 mile day bird 83017. At eight months of age she was third on the 500 and one of only 5 day birds. May 25, 2020. 11 hours on the wing!
Jay Taylor