Porsche GTS - Bred from ‘Porsche 911’ - 5. Nat. acebird KBDB gr. middle dist. - Base breeding cock PIPA Elite Center - (G.)father 1.-1.-2.-2.-3.-5.-9.-9.-9. Nat./Olympiad ace KBDB
      (G.)father of at least 5x 1. National winners
Bred from ‘Nestsister Boxster’ (sister ‘Porsche 911’)

Son Kittel
+50x 1. prize breeder avg. +1,500 birds 1. Nat. acebird KBDB speed 2013
  Lowest coeff (0.95%) ever in KBDB speed ace history
  All prizes for KBDB champion won against AV +2.000 birds and + 300 lofts! Fastest +25,000 birds
  Mother is Daughter Jackpot!!!

Blue Porsche - Son of Prince Porsche and Olympic Miss Million 595. 1st Olympic Ace pigeon and full sister to Olympic Miss million 210 also 1st Olympic Ace pigeon.

Taycan Jr - son of Tacan. Mother is sister Louise 1st National Bourges 19735 p.

"All I One" - father to 1st prize 2020 MONT TREMBLANT OPEN OXFORD RPC with 1100 MPM 533 km. All of Bart Geerinckx Best.

The 05 - son of Super Million sister of 1st Olympic Ace 595 and 1st Olympic Ace 210. Father is Super Yearling. more than 20 top placings against thousands of birds in Belgium.

Little Bart Star - super bred from linebred Blue Lagoon.

Saigon - sire of e1st prize 416 miles final race 2022 Sooner Challenge. Top breeder.

Rowdy - sire of e1st prize 4th trap 416 miles - 15th prize at 324 miles SCOLR 2022. Son of Thomas 6 winner 1st place Golden Algarve. His mother is mother of Lena - 1st place Golden Algarve. Linebred Romario.

Premiere - Foundation of Geerinckx base lines. Sire of 7x 1st in one loft races. 11x top 10 placings by offspring in two seasons of racing 3 youngsters.

Father is ‘Schumi Junior’, the current nr. 1 breeding cock Ally
Mother is ‘Miss Million’, the 2. Nat. acebird KBDB 2020 of Casaert-Sénéchal

Big Tex - Champion and 4th final Flying D 400 miles. won 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th places during series. Son of Konbird and Daughter Birdy. brother to EZ Money sire of 7x 1st prize 350 miles and 3 1st ace pigeons including 1st national Ace USA in the AU young birds. Many winners from this line.

Sire of e1st 7 sec. 200 mi. e1st 250 mi by 9 sec. Blue Angels OLR 2022. (flyD1606)
Brother of 1st prize and fastest of 40,000 pigeons.

Best Kittel 821 - 6th prize 600 km 1550 birds Victoria Falls final 2021. started with 7681 birds. 15th Super Ace! 16th Grand Averages Ace. Father is 106, son of Jr. x mother Best Kittel. Mother is daughter of Konbird and daughter Birdy.

White Knight - 1st place Enduro Race Victoria Falls 2023. 900 MPM hard race. sister was 1st place Enduro race 723 km.
Breeding Cocks
Breeding Hens

1/2 sis Olympic Gladiator Jr and Wacko Freddy.
Bred 1st place 400 mi. Big Andys 7min lead 2023. 1st place Pataya over 5000 birds. Bred 18th place AZ classic 350 miles with head winds. Bred 6th place hot spot AfrikaPro 2022.

Little Miss Million - Prince Porsche x 1st Olympic Ace 595. Special pairing for Ken Easley & Son Racing.

Targa - BE20 4158586 - Mother of e1st 416 miles and 15th place 325 miles Sooner 2022. 30th place 400 mi. Big Andy's 2023.dau. Porsche 911 and 1/2 sister Wacko Freddy.

Spot Porsche - dam of 2nd LD Ace and 12th prize 416 miles. e1st prize 3rd place 150 miles.

Mother BB-8 winner 1st Knockout and 5th prize by seconds south African Million Dollar Race. Mother of 77 who won 5th prize final 416 miles Sooner Challenge. She bred e1st 416 miles SCOLR 2022.

BB-8  - 1st Knockout winner 5805 birds from 521 countries. 5th prize on final race by seconds from 1st. Proven breeder. sister is Hippolyta 1st Ace pigeon Big Andy's and 9th prize 400 miles final.

Hippolyta - 1st Ace pigeon Big Andy's International Race - 9th prize 400 miles - True Champion - Pure performance family of racing champions. All champion One loft race winners.

738 - Full sister to mother of Gentle Lady winner of e1st final SAMDPR 4th.
Daughter of Tarzan and New Patricia. Backbone of PIPA Elite. World Class.

Taylor Swift
1/2 sister Gentle Lady e1st drop SAMDPR final / 4th. Father is Prince Porsche, full brother to Porsche 911, national Ace producer.

The 528
Full sister 1st prize final SAMDPR. Dam of 1st drop 4th prize 250 mi. 14 prize 416 miles final race Sooner OLR 2022

The 19 hen - daughter of Leo Legend - Leo Hereman's last KBDB Ace champion. x Kittel.  Bred 2x e1st in first year breeding 2022.

Daughter of New Kittel - 1st Olympic Ace. Full brother Kittel 1st Olympic Ace Pigeon Belgium. Also brother Greipel 1st National Champion KBDB & 6th National Ace KBDB..

Olympic Bred -
Daughter of sister to 2x 1st Olympic Ace pigeons 595 and 210. Father is Super Yearling, winner of 20 prizes.

1938 Blue Hen.  
9th place 601 km final - 6th Ace bird overall AfrikaPro 2022. 6th Blue Jacket winner against the best.

Dasha - e1st prize 416 miles 4th. 15th prize 325 miles.
Daughter of Rowdy and Targa - daughter Porsche 911 and 1/2 sis Wacko Freddy.

Ken Easley & Son Racing is small breeding facility that is serious about winning & maintaining a stud of consistent top performers. We do sell a few pigeons here and there but it is not our driving force, not even close. We enjoy presenting our pigeons here because they are top proven lines. It takes dedication and commitment to breed top champions and it is our great joy to raise them, race them and breed them. I have professional pics of the breeders with eye pics upon request. I don't care for the pro pics. I prefer natural pics so I can see what they are.
You can text us or call at (505) 934-2598 or send us an email at keasley59@msn.com

Proven One Loft race breeding Cocks
58, 13, 67, 50, 28. 
The rest are new. 
Results will be posted for the 2023 & 2024 racing season as they become available.
Proven One Loft race breeding Hens
 94, 86, 57, 69, 39. 58, 19. 
The rest are new. 
Results will be posted after the season 2023 and 2024 for all new breeding pigeons.