Konbird - Foundation cock Brother Konstantin 1st prize SCMDPR $200,000 x full sister Birdy 1st Hot Spot, 1st grand Averages, 1st Knockout winner, 10th final race SCMDPR sold for $100,000.
G'sire 1st HSCR Ace Winner 2016 SAMDPR 4550 birds. 1st Knockout winner USA - 2nd Int. sister 17th HSCR 4.

Puggle - 1st to loft all alone Million Dollar Race 2017 - 4th to trap.
Powerful, determined and smart.

Mighty Mouse - sire of Mukiwa 1st HSCR Ace Winner 2016 SAMDPR 5400 birds. 1st Knockout Winner USDA 2nd International. 11th, 20th, & 3rd on Car races and 83rd on the final. Full sibling was 17th on the 5th car race same time as Mukiwa at 20th. 1/2 sibling was 4th on Car Race 5 - 2017.
Top Breeder at the lofts of Alfons Klaas before we purchased him. Arriving to Ken Easley & Son July 2017.

Easy Money - Fantastic breeder.
sire of: e1st 350 mi. Hoosier 2017.
1st 350 miles EWOC 2016. 1st 350 miles Fall Classic 2012. 1st 350 miles Fall Classic 2013. 8th Sierra Ranch 380 mi. 1st National Ace pigeon USA YB. 9th & 11th 350 miles EWOC 2016.

Rene - 5th prize final South Africa Million Dollar race 2017. This bird was on the drop with the bird who trapped 1st. Best finish ever by a  grizzle in SAMDPR.

Bamberg - 1st HSCR Ace Winner 2016 SAMDR with 6,000 birds.

Saad - 6th Prize winner SAMDPR final 2464 birds 2017. $20,000 USD.
Kuwait Desert Janssen.

Willi - German import from Sudhof-Van Beers. 6 races - 5 prize cards. Son of a sister of birdy.

Jonge Klein Figo - Belgian import G'son Klein Figo sire of 1st Olympiad pigeon 1st Lemans 100,000 pigeons. Brother Figo 1st National Borges.

My Favorite - son of 45 & Ruby.
Full bro of 35th prize 411 miles 3478 birds. SAMDPR 2015. Only 53 day birds. 7th Grand Ace pigeon 5800 birds. sister bred 1st prize 500 KM federation in Africa.

Wittekele Chinees BE 14 3128230 Son of De Wittekele 6th prize Int. St Vincent. 1st prize Int. Vitoria. 35 min lead & Winner Golden Ring. 10th Barcelona & 11th Barcelona. 5th National. Dam is dau. De Chinees 5 x 1st Pau. 4 x 1st Marseille.

Top son of the White Lightning hen of Frans Vanwldemeersch of Belgium.

45 - Sire 7th Grand Averages 5800 birds & 35th prize 411 miles SAMDPR 2015.
1st 400 miles LLRPC.

Robbie Jr.
B-14-02724-227 BCC
Sire of # 51 - 1st prize 350 miles Nov,1st 2015. 27 day birds.
12th place 256 miles smash race, only 22 day birds  oct. 11, 2015. 21st - 300 mi.
From Super cock Robbie one of the top National winners of Franz Vanwildemeersch

Belgian Batenburg 875
Super class cock who's brothers and sisters win in Belgium from young & old birds for short, middle & long distance.

Million Dollar Kid
Konbird x Victoria. Sire of e1st - 5th Car Race 5 SAMDPR 2805 birds by 15 seconds. 2nd Grand Av. USA Portugal 2017. 2nd place final Race USA 2016 Portugal Golden Race. 2nd 307 mi. 5th 350 mi. 5th Ace pigeon 2017.

Inbred Black Power & Black Pearl Olympiad Pigeon Germany. 100% Hardy Kruger.

Bro-Kon 1/2 brother Konbird and full brother Mark best bird on the national races Germany.

Inbred Uno - Proven breeding cock. Sire & Grandsire of winners. The line that made Kees Bosua famous when combined with Klein Figo.
Breeding Stock Cocks
Breeding Stock Hens

Sunce - 2nd Prize SAMDPR 2017. winner $ $150,000. Lines of German legend Gunther Prange & Van Loon - Golden Crown 2 x 1st prize 14,000 birds & car winner.
Arriving May 2017 - Top Breeding hen from the lofts of Alfons Klaas.
Bred from nest mate to father of 3. final Golden Algarve One Loft Race 2015 - Bred from h.brother to 1. prov. Reg.-V. winner - 9,456 birds

Ruby - full sister Birdy, 1st Hotspot Ace, 1st Knockout, 1st GA. 
Dam - 7th Ace 5808 birds. 35th prize MDPR 410 miles, 3478 birds 2014.
Sister Dam 1st German National Champ Mark. Sister to Dam 16th Place MDPR 2014 & 4th Ace.

Mukiwa - 1st HSCR Ace Winner 2016 5400 birds. 11, 20, 3, 83 in car races and Final. Full sibling 17th car race 5 2016. 1/2 sibling 4th car race 5 in 2017.

Blue Power 
DV10-0507-884 - Klaas
G'dam to;
1st HSCR Ace Winner SAMDPR 2016. 1st Knockout USA, 2nd Int. 
1st 350 miles EWOC 2016.
1st 350 miles Fall Classic 2013.
1st 350 miles Fall Classic 2012.
1st National Ace young birds 2013.
e1st - 8th 380 miles Sierra Ranch. 1st 250 Texas Shootout.

Daughter of 2 Africa winning Super Stars, Good Aim & Birdy.

Dibaba - Full sister Alfonso Jr, winner of 4th Grand Averages & 16th prize final 411 miles SAMDPR 2014. Out of top pair Alfonso 16 x Sister Birdy 210.

Figorina - Dam of 1st prize 350 mi. EWOC 2016 & 1st prize 350 mi. Fall Classic 2012 and 2013. G'dam to 1st prize 350 mi. Fall Classic 2014.
Import daughter of Klien Figo who sold to China for $100,000. Brother 1st Olympiad pigeon 1st Lemans 100,000 pigeons. Brother Figo 1st National Borges.
Black Hardy
DV 14 07274 3002 DCH

Dam of 10th prize 350 miles, Nov. 1st, 2015.
German import daughter Black Soul & Carrie from Hardy Kruger. Both parents raced hard and won many 1st prizes against big bird ages in Germany. Top lines.

DV 10 00507 1076 BBH
Klaas - Drapa
1/2 sister Victor, 1st prize MDPR, $200,000. 1/2 sister Galloping Garbage winner 1st final Derby Arona. Sire is full bro. 864 father Konbird.

Import Klaas daughter of Mr. Bolt national Ace pigeon of Germany & sister of Konstantin, winner 1st South Africa Million Dollar Race 2007.

Witte Zatopek BE-14 3128009 
dam of 1st prize 350 miles young birds, 2015. 27 day birds. 3rd Ace pigeon 2015 YB.
Belgium's best - Vanwildemeersch from his "super pair" Wittekele Zatopek and De Witte Bliksemduivin National winner to national winner.

Alfa - All the top Klaas blood in one pigeon.

B-15-3106769 BBH
Sire; Grandson Wittenbuik.
Dam: Witte Bliksemduiven, Belgian Ace hen. These birds represent the best of Belgium pigeon racing.

Baby Birdy - Dam of e1st - 7th 350 miles Hoosier Classic 2017. $18,277. Daughter of Will x Ruby,
Line bred Sudhoff Van Beers.

Black Silk
Dam to 2nd 307 mi., 5th 350 mi. 12th 250 miles. 10th Ace pigeon 2017.
Inbred Black Power

Super Leize
Belgian Import B 15 3106752 BCH
Rockstar Belgian hen from Franz Vanwildemeersch.

Olivia 420

Sire: Grandson Konbird, 1st 350 mi.
Dam: Daughter Home Alone One day Long Distance Olympiad Netherlands. 2 x e1st 300 & 350 mi.

Kontageous - Inbred Konbird
winner of $7,000 Triple Crown 2016.
e1st - 18th 100 miles.
e1st - 11th 200 miles.
38th - 300 Miles.
16th - 363 miles.

Little Herc Hen 164
Dam of Mukiwa 1st HSCR Ace Winner 2016 5400 birds. 2nd Knockout winner. 3, 11, 20 prize car races & 83 on final. Full sister 17th on car race 5. 1/2 sister 5th on car race 5. SAMDPR 2017.
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