We are a family owned racing  pigeon loft, specializing in breeding  the fastest, toughest, most consistent racing pigeons possible. We race for enjoyment but are extremely serious about results.
 Our stock birds are Parents of Top 10 winners or top 10 winners themselves in big international Competition, then their youngsters are flown in the toughest races in the world against all comers to continue moving the lines forward. We offer a few for sale each year to help defer cost but it is our passion, not a pigeon farm. The results do the talking. Please explore this site & call or email us to learn more about our World Class Champions. Thank you for visiting. Ken & Kendall

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For immediate assistance call (505) 934-2598
Ask for Ken or e-mail keasley59@msn.com
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Since 1967
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DNA on file at Animal Genetics. Youngsters DNA certified correct.
The measuring stick for a racer is it's race record. The measuring stick for a breeder is it's offspring's race record. Ken Easley 
Published Articles by Ken Easley
sire & G'sire 48x 1st prize
Sire & G'sire 18x 1st prize.
Dam of e1st - 2nd place 205 miles Flying D 2020.
Has bred 33 winners. e1st - 9th prize 2216 birds SAMDPR HSCR 2 - Dec 2019.1st USA 4577 birds Portugal Golden Algarve 43 Int.
Sire e1st -2nd 205 miles Flying D 2020. G'sire e1st Hoosier 350 miles 2017. G'sire e1st - 2nd 350 miles California Classic 2018.
Father of 82 Prize 383 miles 1548 birds SAMDPR 2020.
Mother of 82 prize 1548 birds 383 miles SAMDPR 2020.
Sire e1st California Classic final race 2019.
Dam e1st prize 350 miles Sooner Classic 2019.