We are a family owned racing  pigeon loft, specializing in breeding  the fastest, toughest, most consistent racing pigeons possible. We race for enjoyment but are extremely serious about results.
 Our stock birds are Parents of Top 10 winners or top 10 winners themselves in big international Competition, then their youngsters are flown in the toughest races in the world against all comers to continue moving the lines forward. We offer a few for sale each year to help defer cost but it is our passion, not a pigeon farm. The results do the talking. Please explore this site & call or email us to learn more about our World Class Champions. Thank you for visiting. Ken & Kendall

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For immediate assistance call (505) 934-2598
Ask for Ken or e-mail keasley59@msn.com
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Since 1967

Sire of Puggle - 1st to loft by 5 minutes alone, 4th to trap SAMDPR 2017.
Same loft was 7th final SAMDPR 2015 "Catchmeifyoucan" 4th prize final Tatri Derby & 4th Ace Pigeon. 8th prize final

Dam of Puggle - 1st to loft by 5 minutes alone, 4th to trap SAMDPR 2017.
Same loft was 7th final SAMDPR 2015 "Catchmeifyoucan" also 4th prize final Tatri Derby & 4th Ace Pigeon. 8th prize final

Konbird - Sire & G'sire to 38 x 1st prize. Father is brother of Konstantin 1st SAMDPR 2007. Mother is full sister of Birdy 1st HSCR Ace Winner, 1st Knockout winner, 1st Grand Averages, 10th final race 2008 SAMDPR.

Puggle - 1st to loft by 5 minutes alone, 4th to trap SAMDPR 2017.
Same loft was 7th final SAMDPR 2015 "Catchmeifyoucan" also 4th prize final Tatri Derby & 4th Ace Pigeon. 8th prize final Schleswigholsteinderby.
3rd prize final Riachos Winter Cup.

Sunce - 2nd Prize SAMDPR 2017. winner $ $150,000. Lines of German legend Gunther Prange & Van Loon - Golden Crown 2 x 1st prize 14,000 birds & car winner.

Rene - 5th prize 2434 bi. SAMDPR 2017. Landed with 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. Best Grizzle ever to fly the Million Dollar Race. On the drop with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners. $35,000 winner. This pigeon is strong and flew headwinds for 325 miles. No accident, great racing.

Velociraptor - e1st prize 350 miles 989 birds 7th to trap 18 sec. 2017 Hoosier Classic.
Son of Easy Money x Little Birdy.
grandson Konbird, Blue Power, Willi, and Ruby. The Best of Ken Easley & Son Racing.

Easy Money - Sire of: 
e1st prize 350 miles 989 birds 18 sec. Hoosier 2017.
1st prize 350 mi. EWOC. 2016.
1st National Ace AU 2013
1st State Champion 2013
1st prize 350 m. Fall Classic 2013.
1st Prize 350 m. Fall Classic 2012.
e-1st 370 m. Sierra Ranch 2013.
8th prize 350 m. Heartland OLR

Mighty Mouse - Sire of Mukiwa - 1st Hot Spot Car Race Ace Winner 3478 birds SAMDPR. 1st Knockout USA & 2nd International. 3rd GA CC. 1st CC 5th Car Race. 20, 17, 11, 3, in car races & 83 on the final. 1st year breeding. won over $35,000 USD. Sold for $11,040.00 Konbird x Blue Power.

The Million Dollar Kid.
Sire of e1st - 5th HSCR 5 SAMDPR 2017. 2nd Prize USA final & 2nd Ace USA Golden Algarve 2016. 3644 birds final Race. 2nd prize 307 mi.  5th prize 350 2017 SC Quad. e1st 200 mi. Garlic Classic.

Baby Birdy - Dam of e1st prize 7th tp trap 350 miles Hoosier Classic 2017.
$18,277 win.
Sire: Willi son of sister Birdy.
Dam: Ruby full sister Birdy.

Jazira - 8th prize 602 km final race Victoria Falls 2018.

Saad - 6th Prize SAMDPR 2017. Super nice Blue Bar cock from Kuwait. Janssen

Mukiwa - 1st Hot Spot Car Race Ace 
Winner 2016 SAMDPR 5000 birds. 1st Knockout USA, 2nd Knockout Int. 111, 138, 20, 11, 3, in Car Races and 83 on the final. Won $35,000. Dam of e1st 200 mi. Garlic Classic 2018.

#1 | Bamberg - UNIQUE! The 1. Hot Spot acebird SA Million Dollar race ‘15 - Grandson of Mr. Bolt - Klaas.
Breeding for the 1st time in 2018. Will be mated to Mukiwa 1st HSCR Ace winner 2016.

#1 | Dino - SUPER RACER! 5. ace 5800 birds and 7th prize final winner at Algarve OLR 2016  against 3644 birds. Dam of e1st 200 mi. 2018. 1st prize 260 miles, 12th prize 320 miles.
Top Ace Pigeon 2018 OLR.

Blue Horizon - 4th Prize 350 miles 893 pigeons Big Andy's 2016. Mother is full sister Victor 1st SAMDPR.

Carerra 911 - sister of Puggle 1st to the loft alone 5 min SAMDPR 2017 4th $50,000 USD.

Black Silk - Dam of 2nd prize 307 mi. Silvercreek Quad 2017. 5th prize 350 mi. 12th 250 mi. 10th ace pigeon. Nest sister Dam of 21st 350 mi. Arizona Classic 2016. Only 2 pigeons raced from them so far.
Coco Chanel - Last daughter Black Power - 1/2 Sister Black Pearl - Olympiad Germany 2011 Poznan. 1/2 sister Black Soul, Black Sky, Blue Sky, Black Jack, Black Ocean, all champion Germany Racers with 9 x 1st prize between them.

Figorena - Sire; Klien Figo, sire of 1st National LeMans 99,104 birds.
Olympiad Pigeon All Around Porto.
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle distance. She has already bred 2 x 1st prize winners at 350 miles in One loft races. Also 1st, Prize 350 Eastern Washington & Oregon combine.

"Jetstream" 11 prize final race 2627 birds SAMDPR 2018.

The Kuwait Hen - 16 prize final race 1116 birds Victoria Falls 2018 YB.
KU 17 Kuwait 155656

"Go for Gold" 36 prize 2627 birds SAMDPR 2018. DV 17 4858 79 Blue hen. Owned by Ken Easley & Son.

Zombie - 1st prize 250 miles, 5th prize 200 miles, 13th prize 150 miles, 12th prize 350 miles. Also top Ace Pigeon 2018.

Winny - 2nd prize final Race Winners Cup 2018.
Grand daughter of Easy Money - son of Konbird.

Willi sire of Little Birdy, the dam of e1st - 7th - 350 miles Hoosier MDR 2017. Nephew of Birdy - 1st Knockout, 1st Ace Winner, 1st Grand Average, 10th prize final SAMDPR.
Van Beers best
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Sire of 1st to loft SAMDPR 2017
Dam of 1st to loft SAMDPR 2017
Konbird - Sire & G'sire of 38 x 1st 
1st to loft SAMDPR 2017 4th to trap
2nd Prize SAMDPR 2017 
5th Prize SAMDPR 2017 
Easy Money Sire of 12 x 1st 100- 380 miles 
6th Prize SAMDPR 2017 
Dam e1st Hoosier 350
Sire to  winners SAMDPR
Sire to  1st Ace Winner SAMDPR
 1st Ace Winner SAMDPR
 1st Ace Winner SAMDPR
Dam to 4 x 350 mile winners
Dam to 3
300 & 350 mile winners
4th Prize 350 miles 2017 
E1st -7th Prize 350 miles Hoosier 2017 
Daughter Black Power
11th prize SAMDPR 2018
16 prize Vic Falls 2018
32 prize SAMDPR 2018
Dam e1st Garlic City
320 miles
We can afford to have our pictures modified, cut, pasted etc. We choose not to because we like to see the pure beauty of a natural pigeon in sunlight.
We don't speak for everyone and have no issues with anyone who chooses to edit the pictures. It just doesn't suit us. 
8th prize Vic Falls 2018
1st Prize 2018
2nd Prize 2018
Sister 1st to loft SAMDPR 2017 4th to trap
Grandsire E1st 7th Prize 350 miles Hoosier 2017 
We are not looking to be the next latest and greatest pigeon salesmen. We do however want to offer a few very high quality youngsters each year on PIPA or by order here. DNA is available and our breeders are on file at Animal Genetics.
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DNA certified
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