We went to Germany to visit Helmut & Alfons Klaas. These are some of the hand selected 35 pigeons we imported directly from their loft. We have brothers and sisters to the big winners and a few select birds that are not available anywhere else in the US  due to the original foundation birds getting old and unable to fertile eggs or lay eggs any longer. We have imported 4 pigeons from the 864  cock.
A real test against the best in the world.

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We are a family owned racing  pigeon  facility, specializing in breeding  the fastest, toughest, most consistent racing pigeons on the planet. We race for enjoyment but are extremely serious about results. 

 Our stock birds are imported from the top proven winning lofts of the World then flown in the toughest races in the US and world against all comers to continue moving the lines forward. We offer a few for sale each year to help defer cost but it is our passion, not a pigeon farm. We maintain a local competition team and enter one loft races also. Please explore this site & call or email us to learn more about our Champions. Thank you for visiting..

Phone Number: Evenings or leave message (505) 286-8871 
For immediate assistance cell # (505) 934-2598
Ask for Ken or e-mail keasley59@msn.com
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Since 1967
Alfons Klaas is internationally regarded as the grandmaster in international one loft races. His amazing line not only excels in these international races, these pigeons have won many great victories and ace pigeon titles in the German competition as well, often against more than 35,000 pigeons.
Many fanciers have made great improvements by introducing pigeons of Alfons Klaas to their breed.

One Loft Race Top Results
1. prize Final Carnival City OLR 2014
1. prize Final Derby Arona Tenerife 2013
1. prize Final Race SAMDPR 2.402 pigeons
1. prize World Ace Challenge USA 2007
1. prize Hot Spot 1 Tenerife 2008
1. prize Hot Spot China 1.432 pigeons 300 km 2009
2 x 1. prize One Loft race Germany 2010
1. prize Final SAMDPR (Kitchenbrand Loft) 2011
3. prize Final SAMDPR (Team Esser-Klaas) 2012
1. prize Grand Average (Team Esser-Klaas) 2012
1. prize Final Race Allflight 521 km 2012
1. acebird Hot Spot Allflight 2012
3.-5.-7. prize 2 Hot Spot Tenerife 2008
7.-11. prize Semi final Tenerife 2009
5. prize Hot Spot 2 Tenerife 2009Helmut & Alfons Klaas Results 
We have 16 plus pair of Klaas pigeons currently breeding, see some of them in our
Breeding Catalog
Konbird G'Sire 1st National Ace & brother to Mark, German National Champion.
Sire: Klaas cock DV 02-0507-864 grandfather of Victor and 1/2 brother Konstantin winners SCMDPR. Dam: DV 06503 200 sister of Birdy & bred National German Ace "Mark" Dam is also sister of Ruby mother of 1st place German winners. 

Ruby  - $25,000 USD - dam of Ninety Nine - 2nd Grand Averages US 951 birds.
 7th Grand Averages MDPR 5808 birds. Final race - 35th Prize MDPR 2014 661 km (410.73 miles) 3478 birds. Only 53 day birds!!!!Top breeding hen Ruby - sister Birdy best Sun City Million Dollar Ace ever!
1st Winner Knock Out Average Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2008
1st Winner Grand Average Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2008
1st Winner Hot Spot Average Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2008
     Sold for a record price of $100,000  
Ruby's older sister 200 is Dam to "Konbird" super breeder & ‘Mark’ an exceptional performer
Best pigeon on the National races 2011 Germany!!!! Also dam to Alfonso Jr, 16th prize 411 miles MDPR 2014 and 4th Grand Ace Pigeon!
1st young acebird Fed. 2010
1st young acebird Group 2010
Winner of 11 prize cards 14 races in 2011
32. Nat. Bourges 13,673 birds 2011 (velocity: 1900 mpm)
35. Nat. Poitiers 9,325 birds 2011 (velocity: 1100 mpm)
Winner of 4.-5.-12.-12.-13. prize as yearling in 2011
1st prize first young bird race
The wonderful base of ‘Birdy’ listing a record result in 2011 for Kitchenbrand Lofts in Germany… they won all there was to win in club & Fed. racing … but also of all Germany, 
1st. German derby yearling cocks
1st. German derby yearling cocks and youngsters
1st Winner of the derby for the second time (nominated pigeons in the first 4 season races)
7. Nat. champion yearlings 
12. Nat. champion middle distance
4 cocks in the top 100 National acebirds
40. Nat. champion youngsters Germany 
‘Father Birdy’ was a top racer and winner of
      In 2003 winner of 8 prize cards from 9 races
      In 2004 winner of 12 prize cards from 14 races
      ‘Father Birdy’ (DV06503-02-1687)
“Birdy’s father is a son to ‘Effe 66’, a Janssen cock of Südhoff-Van Beers Loft. ‘Effe 66’ was  1st best cock in Germany in 1998 after winning 4 races in his first year. He is co-winner of 1998 wining loft in club, federation and combine.”
‘Mother Birdy’ (BE97-6591429)
“Willi van Beers bought three original Van Loons, 2 hens and a cock … the hen ‘1429’ was selected for breeding and the other 2 were sold. She bred supreme and when she was paired to ‘Father Birdy’ it resulted in great ‘Birdy’.”
2 sisters 863 & 864 sold for $26,000.00 and 24,000 USD in 2014
Ken Easley & Son Racing also owns Konbird, Nephew of Birdy who bred; 
Sire to 1st National Ace - Mach 1
& Blue Water Dutchess
Our 2012 Sun City Entry
1 of only 7 US birds left in the Hot Spots Races - 5461 birds after 26 races going into the finals.
37th in the hot Spot Averages from 3616 birds.

Konbird - Super Breeder 
DV 10-0507-949 BCC 
Klaas - Van Beers - Hand selected by me in person from the nest (in Germany). Nest Mate Mr Bond.
Sire: 864 brother of Konstantin winner 1st prize MDPR final race $200,000.
Grandsire of Victor - 1st Prize MDPR final race $200,000.

Eye of Konbird - Klaas - Van Beers
DV 10 00507-949 BCC
Dam of Konbird is sister Birdy - 1st Grand Averages MDPR. 1st prize Hot spots. 1st Prize Car Race Averages. 10th Final race.
Konbirds brother is Mark 1st German National young bird champion. 44,000 members. over 500,000 birds.

Blue Power 
DV10-0507-884 100% Klaas
1/2 sister 16th MDPR 410 miles, 3478 birds. 4th Grand Averages 5808 birds. Hand selected.
Dam of EZ Money, sire of:
1st National Ace - Mach 1 - 5 x 1st
1st Heatland 350 OLR
1st 350 m. Fall Classic
e1st - 8th Fall Classic 350 m. 2013
e1st - 8th Sierra Ranch 375 m

Eye of Blue Power 
DV 10 0507 884 BBSPLH
Dam to 3 sons who have produced eight 1st place one loft winners from 300 - 375 miles.
Also bred $ winner 375 miles 2012.
1/2 sister to 16th place MDPR final and 4th Grand Averages 2014.

Dibaba - 
Konstantin - Birdy
DV 11 00507 504 BBH
Dam to pigeon currently on ipigeon 41 bids $6,000 October 1st, 2014.
Sister Alfonso 4th Prize Grand Averages 5808 birds MDPR 2014. - 
16th Prize 411 miles 3478 birds. - 
MDPR 2014. - 
Sire Alfonso 16 - 
Dam - sister Birdy 210.

Dibaba - 
DV 11 00507 504 BBH
Full sister of 16th place MDPR 2014 final 3478 birds. 4th Prize Grand Averages.
Daughter Der Alfonso 16 & sister Birdy 210.

Daughter 864 & 100 - a full sister is dam of Victor
1st prize MDPR $200,000.
DV 10 0507 1076 BBH
Klaas - Drapa
Full sister dam of Victor 1st prize MDPR final race, $200,000.
1/2 sister Konbird.
Full sister Three Deuces.
Dam is Carl & Maya Olympic Champions & National German Aces.

Eye of Daughter 864 
DV 10 0507 1076 BBH 
Klaas x Drapa
Full sister dam of Victor 1st prize MDPR - $200,000.
1/2 sister Konbird.
Full sister Three Deuces.
Many international olympic winners in this one.

Son Super 200 Sister Birdy
DV 13 00507 1383 BBC
Klaas - Van Beers
Brother Victor x Sister Birdy
Victor 1st prize MDPR $200,000.
Birdy 1st Hotspot, 1st Car Race averages, 1st Grand Averages, 10th final race MDPR 2008.
1/2 Brother Konbird

Eye of 1383

AU 11 EASLEY 3594 BCC - 
Konbird x Blue Power
Sire of: 
1st National Ace AU 2013
1st State Champion 2013
5 x 1st - 100-300 miles.
1st prize 350 m. Fall Classic 2013.
1st Prize 350 m. Fall Classic 2012.
e-1st 350 m. Sierra Ranch 2013.
8th prize 350 m. Heartland OLR 
G'sire 1st 35o m. 2014
New Eye picture 4-6-14 of EZ Money
Sire to 1st National Ace.
5 pure 1st in club, combine.
3 x pure 1st at 350-375 miles One loft Races coast to coast. 2 x e1st.
Son of Konbird x Blue Power

Son Sister Birdy.
Brother sold for $26,200 USD August 2014.
Aunt 864 sold for $24,100 last week, included son.

Eye of 402.
These pigeons were from the loft of Sudhoff - Van Beers which was bought out by Kitchenbrand lofts, then sold on PIPA.
Birdy line was developed by Willie Van Beers who is now running the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. This cock is the epitome of the Birdy line.

Sister World Ace
DV 10 0507-930 BBH Import Klaas
Dam to e1st 300 miles - 2012 America's International Challenge.
G'Dam e1st 350 miles, N. Florida OLR. Dam to 3 x 1st Arizona and club champion 2013 young birds.
Eye of Sister World Ace DV 10 00507 930 BBH - Klaas

Three Deuces - Brother Konbird
DV 11 00507-1222 BBC 
Uncle of Victor 1st MDPR.
Sire: Klaas # 1 best cock 864 Brother Konstantin & the Grandsire of Victor!  $200,000.
Dam: From Carl and Maya both are 1st National German Olympic

DV 10 00507-860 BBC
Klaas - Van Beers
Uncle to Birdy & Ruby. 
Sire of Money  winner 375 miles Sierra Ranch Classic 2012.
A super pigeon and ranked with highest breeding score by graders.

Mach 1 - 
1st National young bird Ace Pigeon USA 2013.
13 United 604- BCC.
Son of Easley-3594 son of Konbird and Blue Power.
5 x 1st Prize young birds 100 - 300 miles. 1st State Champion, 1st Federation, 1st Club & Combine Champion.
Kon Kon
Sire of 1st Prize 300 mile Triple Crown. 56 min. lead.
Ave. Speed Champion who contributed points along with his brother to winning the Breeders Cup $40,000.
Son of Konbird & Ruby.
Super 8
2 x e1st Sierra Ranch Classic 2013.
Daughter Konbird & Jewel.
$ winner 375 miles Sierra Ranch Classic.
Son of Feather & Blue Power, 1/2 brother of EZ Money - sire of 1st National Young bird champion & 5 x 1st. Also sire of four one loft race winners at 350-375 miles. 1st, 1st, 8th and 8th.

Cracklin Rose
Red Ryder x Tina - Klaas imports.
Dam to Blue Easy - 1st Prize 400 miles LLRPC.
Only flew one from her and it won 6th on the 300 and 1st on the 400.
A baby from Mach 1 and Blue Power.
Mach 1 is the National Young Bird Ace 2013. He is a grandson of Konbird & Blue Power, so this is a grandson x grandmother mating.
A beautiful youngster.

Ruby top breeding sister of Birdy bred by Willie Van Beers of Germany & EZ Money bred by Ken Easley his top breeding cock from the best of his Klaas imports - Konbird & Blue Power.
Incredible pairing planned for 2015.
Ken's Favorite - AU 14 EASLEY-495 BCSPLH sister of Ninety Nine - 7th Grand Ace Pigeon SAMDPR 2014 5808 birds. 35th prize 411 miles final race 3478 birds. Only 53 day birds. Brother 973 - 1st prize 400 miles LLRPC 2012. Sister 5289 Super Breeder, dam of 1st prize Canadian International 325 miles.
Mighty Mouse
Son of Konbird & Blue Power.
bro. EZ Money, sire of 7 x 1st place & 1st National Ace. Bro. -EZ Money sire to 2 x e1st AIC. Bro. - Thunderbird sire 1st Texas Twister 250 & 1st 280 Plymouth Peak. 1/2 brother bred 5th  NFOLR 350.
The Checker WF
AU 14 EASLEY 441 Klaas.
Son of Konbird & Blue Power.
Brother of EZ Money sire of 2 x 1st at 350 miles one loft races & 5 x 1st place and 1st National Champion. 
Also 2 x e1st & 8th to trap on 350 & 370 miles one loft races 2012 & 2013.
The Splash 
Daughter of Konbird & Blue Power.
bro. EZ Money sire of 2 x 1st at 350 miles one loft races & 5 x 1st place and 1st National Champion. 
Also 2 x e1st & 8th to trap on 350 & 370 miles one loft races 2012 & 2013.
Konbird x Ruby late bred youngster.
Full brother Kon Kon bred 1st prize Triple Crown 300 m. 56 min. lead.
Brother Konrad bred e1st California State Race.
14 EASLEY 456
Full brother to "Ninety Nine" who was 2nd Average Speed USA MDPR.
7th Grand Averages International 5808 birds MDPR.
35th Prize final 411 miles race 3478 birds with only 53 day birds.
Dam is Ruby our foundation hen and full sister to Birdy best race record pigeon ever at MDPR.
Son of Konbird x Ruby
Sire of e1st California State Race final 2014.
Full brother KonKon bred 1st prize 300 miles triple crown 2013 with 56 minute lead.
Red Power
DV 10 00507 843 RCH
From the Red Ace line of Klaas and Pantani 511. Klaas super pigeons!
Brother Ken
DV10 00507 398 BCC
Full brother Ken sire of young bird Regional Verband 250 young bird champion. Alfons Klaas.
DV 11-00507 195 BBC Klaas.
Inbred Konstantin winner of the 1st prize Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2007.
DV 10 00507 923 RCC Klaas.
Super cock that doesn't like to show his face.
Behind quite a few winning pigeons for friends who are breeding his children.
Super Breeder-Son of Klaas 864 & Sister Birdy!
Sire & G-sire of combine, Federation, National Aces & One Loft Race Champions.
 Blue Easy
1st  - 400 miles  
2012 Young Birds
New - 14th Prize 350 miles AIC final. Great Grandson Konbird 
New - G'dson Konbird x Blue Power is Easley 453 - e1st drop 300 miles AIC Nov. 2014 & e1st 225 miles the week before in Oct. 225 miles.
New - son of Konrad 14 Easley-834 BBC son of Konbird & Ruby
bred e1st 300 mile California State Race.
New - 1st prize 350 m. Fall Classic Great G'child Konbird & Blue Power
Ruby dam of Ninety Nine - 2nd Grand Averages US 951 birds.
 7th Grand Averages MDPR 5808 birds. Final race - 35th Prize MDPR 2014 661 km (410.73 miles) 3478 birds. Only 53 day birds!!!!
Sister Ruby dam of 16th Prize MDPR 661 km (410.73 miles)
Full sister Ruby produces 16th place final race & 4th Grand Averages 2014!!!!!!!
 2 sons of Konbird & Ruby sire Breeders Cup Victory at the Triple Crown 2013 for John Karnofel
Son Konbird x Ruby breeds 1st on the Triple Crown 300 miles
56 minute lead ahead of next drop!!!!! Only 11 days birds.
Daughter Konbird & Jewel 2 x e1st Sierra Ranch 2013
G'son Konbird x Blue Power 1st National Ace 
5 x 1st  100-300 miles & 1st State champion 2013
G'son Konbird 1st 350 miles Fall Classic 2013
G'son e1st Sierra Ranch 370 miles 2013 
G'son Konbird 1st Canadian International 325 miles 2013 
  1st Place Canadian International - Silver cup Classic 325 miles
e-1st Canadian International Platinum Cup  - 375 m.

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